• Marie Julie Jahenny the Breton Stigmatist



    Marie Julie Jahenny & The Scapular of Benediction and Protection, Cross of Forgiveness & Medal of Our Lady of Safe Custody ( Good Protection )


    Marie Julie Jahenny was born in a large peasant family, at Coyault France in 1850.

    During her life, she had many apparitions of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary through which she received prophecies about the end of the world, the punishments for the sins of the people and the Three Days of Darkness.


    From the age of 23 until her death in 1941 she bore the stigmata,thats over 65 years and longer then Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. According to the testimony of witnesses, she experienced miraculous Holy Communions, miraculous fasting periods to which she lived on no other food but the Eucharist for several years, suffered supernatural attacks from the devil, and had the gift of prophecy and miracles.


    During some of her ecstasies Our Lord and his most holy mother the Blessed Virgin Mary showed her a number of ways we can protect ourselves during the coming chastisements with old and new sacramentals.


    It is the three rare and little known new sacramentals that I would like to make known to you on our site, they are :

    The Scapular of Benediction & Protection

    The Cross of Forgiveness

    The Medal of Our Lady of Safe Custody

    ( Good protection,Our Lady of Good Counsel, Medal of Our Lady of Bonne Garde )


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