• Medal of Our Lady of Bonne Garde


    The Medal of Our lady of Safe Custody   

    The history was given to Marie Julie Jahenny the pious Stigmatic


    Ecstasy of November 28, 1878


    The Blessed Virgin revealed the origin of the Statue in these terms:

    "My child, this is My history.


    "I was sculptured by a poor cripple who, after great bodily pains, became lame and deformed. He was poor, but heroically religious. Not being able to live without work, he offered himself with ease to guard the flocks of a rich family. While he was in the pastures he would often say to himself, 'I have never done anything to extol, to honor the Holy Virgin who spared my life, in spite of so much suffering.'


    "One day he asked his master for the heart of a tree and the master fulfilled his wish. He carved the piece of wood each day as he advanced in his work. I helped him and he finished the Statue. He lodged me in his poor habitation where he slept. After his death the Statue stayed a long time in the family of his masters.


    "In the early days, I had my little oratory, poor but rich in visits, Christian mothers came to consecrate their little children to me, many priests kissed My Statue. I averted very often the dangers and perils that were coming upon my children.


    "Afterwards I was given to an old priest who kept Me till his death. But, shortly beforehand, I told him three times:


    'My son, your heirs are not Christian, they will not render me the veneration that I merit; before dying you will carry Me to a marsh a few miles from here -- you will turn My head toward Nazareth -- you will make Me a little sanctum in the form of a sepulcher. Without revealing your secret you will carry Me in the silence of the night while reciting a prayer to Me. You will conceal Me and you will die with your secret. You will sow some thorny plants, they will grow rapidly, and I shall remain entombed in this site.'


    "The Blessed Mother added that after many years, the time in which She would emerge would arrive. It is then that Her Divine Son would throw from Heaven, on the site where the Statue was buried, a luminous torch that would attract attention. The sealed up stone was opened with respect and we maintained a great veneration for this site. 'I was intact,' said the Blessed Mother.


    "On this land prayers were recited immediately and I manifested My glory in giving health to a little child.


    "My name is OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL."

       Ecstasy of August 16, 1880

    "With all the goodness of My heart and with all My tenderness I tell again to fathers and mothers and families, that it would be very good, and at the same time it would be a great grace, to have children, small and big, wear a medal that does not yet exist, but that one could very well have made, not very large as one would want. The medal would carry these words:


    "O You, Blessed Mother, who has crushed the head of the serpent, keep our faith and the innocence of our little children."


    According to Marie-Julie, "The Most Blessed Mother wears this medal on Her Heart and I read it very well, She shows it to me: It is round and white." The Blessed Mother adds:


    "It is not necessary that this medal be of a great price, its value will be the same. This will be to keep the innocence in a time so difficult, when the pestilence of corruption will be effused everywhere. All Christians will be able to provide themselves with this medal as a defense and as a weapon of Faith that will conquer sinful living and the treachery of evil."