Prayer to Save 1,000 Sinners

    Our Lord gave Marie-Julie on September 3, 1925 a very simple way to save 1,000 sinners every time we receive Holy Communion.

    “Tell them to rest five minutes on My Heart throbbing with love. Think only of Me by this simple word:
    “Thank you, my Beloved, You live in me and I live in You.”
    You see the sweetness you will taste and how you will give Me consolation. Ask of Me, in the fifth minute the conversion of a thousand sinners. It will be a great joy for My Divine Father, for Heaven, I ask you the same favour. I will be there, inside you, infinite goodness, the splendour of all beauties. Only five minutes thinking about Me and asking Me at the fifth minute the salvation of souls. My Divine Heart is overflowing with joy at this request of graces and I will also grant it.”

    Immediately after we receive Communion, we are to rest and meditate on Him and His Sacred Heart for five minutes, saying the little prayer He gave, then at the fifth minute, ask for the grace of 1,000 sinners.