Scapular of Benediction and Protection

100% Woven Wool.
Woolen Straps.
No wool Felt used in these scapulars.
Made exactly according Our Lady's Request.
We do not sell Purple scapulars made from China or Mexico.
Our Purple Scapulars come from France.

This Scapular was given to the Stigmatic Mystic Marie Julie Jahenny to aid the world during the the terrible times of chastisements we are heading into.
It has many graces and promise associated with it and it is extremely necessary for protecting homes and families.
Also those who wear it will be protected on earth as if they possessed Heaven and will be able to see through darkness as if in daylight.
More on the scapular in the description at the bottom or on the navigation menu on our Scapular of Benediction page.
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